Artist's Statement
I tend to edit my photos with a noir style. I'm colorblind, so I learned long ago to do away with realism unless I'm shooting something commercial that must be representational. I use palates and lighting that are unconventional and surreal. The point is to create a feeling more than to reproduce a subject.
Photography is visual skateboarding. it lets me approach the world with a fresh look since every curb, staircase, embankment / landscape, person, band provides an opportunity to create something unique.
2012-Present: Assistant Director, Research Assistant Professor, & Entrepreneurship Fellow - Center for Entrepreneurship/College of Business, University of Nebraska
2014-Present:  Courtesy Research Assistant Professor - Department of Anthropology, University of Nebraska
2002-2011: Graduate Teaching Assistant and Instructor - University of Nebraska, University of Utah
2009-2011: Photographer, SEO and Marketing analyst- Snaplock Industries (Contract)
2007-2009: Bartender - Zanzibar, LLC
2002-2004: Bartender - ACR Corporation DBA Bricktop
2001: Controller - HBI International
1998-2000: Manager - ACR Corporation DBA Jake's Cigars and Smokehouse

The Rule of Thirds: Owner
SIX-16 Studio: Partner
Laughing Falcon, LLC: Partner

Duffy's, SIX-16, Jake's, Indigo Bridge, Duo, Screen Ink, Englenook, SPATIVM, MARZ, Chez Hey

RaceDeck, RabbleMill, Hear Nebraska, 89.3 KZUM, Maha Music Festival, Nebraska Exposed at South by Southwest,  SnapSports, Lincoln Calling Festival, Duragrid, Lincoln Exposed,, KindigIt Designs, University of Nebraska, Snaplock Industries, Casey Shepherd Designs, Iron Brush Tattoo, Strawberry Burns, The Real Zebos, Douglas Bair Salon

2020-Present: Lincoln Calling 
2018-Present: Pawlytics, a B-Corporation
2016-2019: 89.3 KZUM Radio

2020: Moderator - Kauffman Foundation Symposium on Anthropology and Entrepreneurship - American Anthropological Association Raising Our Voices Series
2019: Panelist - The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - UNL Mandela Fellows Panel
2018: Moderator -  Making your Way From Local Beginnings to National Success - Lincoln Calling Music Festival
2019: Panelist - Entrepreneurial Thinking - UNL Mandela Fellows Panel

2012-2020: Bass/backing vocals,  Laughing Falcon
2002-Present: Bass, The Ghost Runners
1998-2001: Bass, Ecorche
1998-2001: Production, Concept

2015: Building Human Capitol Advantage in Initial Public Offerings.  Theresa Welbourne and Kyle Gibson. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings 2015(1):14686-14686 · January 2015
2011: The Roles of Operational Sex Ratio and Young-Old Ratio in Producing Suicide Attackers
Ph.D. Dissertation - University of Utah Department of Anthropology
2011: Religion and Violence: An Anthropological Study on Religious Belief and Violent Behavior, with Ben Purzyck. Skeptic Magazine 16(2):22-27.
2009: Differential Parental Investment in Families with Both Adopted and Genetic Children. Evolution and Human Behavior. 30(3), pp 184-189
2005: Punitive Behavior in eBay Auctions. Nebraska Anthropologist. 20:23-28
2004: Evolutionary Theory in Anthropology: Providing Ultimate Explanations for Human Behavior. Nebraska Anthropologist. 19:1-3
2004: Relatedness and Investment in Adoptive Households
Master’s Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Department of Anthropology and Geography. Committee Members: Raymond Hames, Ph.D., Patricia Draper, Ph.D., Lynn White, Ph.D
Working Paper: Rock of Ages: Children and Stone Tool Construction,
With Kristen Hawkes, Christopher Parker, Earl Keefe, Brett Kennedy and Anndrea Parish (manuscript in preparation)
Working Paper: The Evolution of Small Adult Body Size in Homo Floresiensis 
Working Paper: On Quitting

2011: Doctor of Philosophy, University of Utah
Dissertation:  Demographic and Individual Factors as Causes of Suicide Terrorism
Major: Anthropology with specialization in human evolutionary ecology

2004: Master of Arts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Thesis:  Relatedness and Investment in Adoptive Households
Major: Anthropology with specialization in cultural anthropology

2000: Bachelor of Arts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Majors: Anthropology, English
Minor: Sociology

2020: Advanced Design Thinking, IDEO U
Ongoing: CITI Human Research – Group 2 Social/Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel  

Business: Entrepreneurship, customer discovery, product development and prototyping, design thinking, business analytics, initial public offerings, survival analysis, quantitative research and methods, online pedagogy
Anthropology: Human evolutionary ecology, evolutionary theory, applied anthropology, human biology, foragers, suicide terrorism, adoption, prosocial behavior, fictive kinship, family structure and dynamics, ethnographic methods, statistics, research methods, human universals
2020: COVID-19 Industry Outlook, with Craig Boesch.  Nebraska Business Development Center Webinar Series, UNL.
2020: What’s All This Talk About Applying Anthropology in Business? with Inga Treitler, Ph.D.  Department of Anthropology Colloquium Series, UNL.
2019: How The IRB Works.  College of Business, UNL.
2019: Photography and Entrepreneurship.  College of Journalism, UNL.      
2018: Anthropology in Entrepreneurship and Business:  Discovery, Diversity and Responsibility.  Department of Anthropology Colloquium Series, UNL.
2017: On Quitting:  Perspectives from Anthropology, Entrepreneurship, and Ecology.  Nerd Nite Lincoln.
2016: Applied Anthropology.  Department of Anthropology, UNL.
2015: Exploring the Long-Term Survival of Initial Public Offerings:  How the States of Eight Resource Classes at IPO Influence 20 Year Firm Survival, with Theresa Welbourne.  EuroMed Special Conference on HR Practices, Strategic, and Entrepreneurial Challenges.  Paris, France.
2015: Website Optimization and Online Analytics.  ExporTech MEP Annual Meeting, Innovation Campus, UNL.  
2015, 2018: Same Sex Parenting.  Department of Anthropology, UNL.
2015: Suicide Terrorism and Religious Violence.  Department of Classics and Religious Studies, UNL.
2009: Demographic Aggression: Do Populations with High Operational Sex and Young-Old Ratios Produce More Suicide Terrorists? Tanner Forum on Violence and Aggression, University of Utah.
2009: Demographic and Individual Factors as Causes for Suicide Terrorism. Human Behavior and Evolution Society Annual Meeting. 
2004: Relatedness and Investment in Adoptive Households. University of Utah Graduate Student Colloquium. 
2004: Relatedness and Investment in Adoptive Households- Preliminary Findings. Central States Anthropological Society annual meeting. 
2004: Relatedness and Investment in Adoptive Households – Pilot Study. Nebraska Academy of Science annual meeting. 
2002: Subsistence Change Among the Kweneng and Dobe San: Social Shifts for Men, Women and the Aged. Department of Anthropology and Geography, UNL.  
2002: Third Molar Agenesis and Dietary Change. Department of Anthropology and Geography, UNL.

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